TEQIP-II Sponsored 3rd International Conference on
Microelectronics, Circuits and Systems, 9-10th July, 2016, Kolkata, India.

Micro2016: certificdate is given to a delegate, judges are on the dais

For any requirement of accommodation kindly contact:

1. Mr BIPLAB DAS,      Mobile: 9874228363

Email: [email protected]\

3. Mrs. Ishita Bhakta               Mobile:9432536033

Email: [email protected]

PAPER ID             NAME                                         HOTEL/LODGE


16          Shuvadeep Saha                                       NCSM 

25          Amit Narawal                                              SNB

27          Smitha G S                                                 SNB 

32          Praveen Singh                                          SNB 

34          Priyanka Atre                                             CALCUTTA LODGE

35         Vaibhav Neema                                           NCSM

37         Kavitha. C.                                                   SNB

38         Hasmukh P Koringa                                  SNB

41         KhwairakpamAmitab                                SNB

42         Mamata Rath                                              CALCUTTA LODGE

47         Sweta Kumari                                             SNB 

52         Gupta Divya                                               CALCUTTA LODGE

55        Tuhina Bhalla                                              NCSM

57        Indranil Chatterjee                                    SNB

63        Julie Kumari                                               CALCUTTA LODGE  

                   ROOM ALLOTMENT FOR GUEST

NAME                                         HOTEL/LODGE

Prof.Rajendra Prasad                SNB

Prof.Sankar Pati                              

Prof.Aminul Islam                       SNB

Prof.Punyaban Patel                  SNB

Prof.Anisul Haque                      SNB

2. Mr PRASANJIT DEY,      Mobile: 9547464718

Email: [email protected]

4. Ms. Asmita Roy                        Mobile: 8961175729

Email: [email protected]

PAPER ID             NAME                                                HOTEL/LODGE


71        Amresh Kumar                                                   SNB

72        Ahmed Yahya                                                     SNB

80       Dr Shruti Garg                                            

83       Priyanka Nath                                                      SNB

84      Varsha S Betageri                                                CALCUTTA LODGE

           Snigdha Prasad                                                   CALCUTTA LODGE  

           Ranjitha G                                                             CALCUTTA LODGE

85      Namitha Nambiar                                                 CALCUTTA LODGE

           Sumukh Desu                                                       CALCUTTA LODGE

           Madhurachaitra                                                    CALCUTTA LODGE

86      Moumita Ghosh                                                     NCSM

89      Akansha Goyal                                                       CALCUTTA LODGE

130   Aswartha Narayana Routh                                    CALCUTTA LODGE

 133    Nitin Trivedi                                                            SNB

139    C. S. Angani                                                           SNB 

Accommodation details for delegates : 

1. S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNB)
 Block-JD, Sector-III, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal 700098
Phone No: +91-33-2335 1313/0312/3057/3061/5705/6/7/8
  • Yuvabharati Stadium: Largest stadium in India.
  • Mizoram House: (marked by a square) Very tall building, well marked
  • Tank No 14: (marked by a cross) Salt Lake residents are most familiar with Tanks

N.B   Kindly note that as per the SNB Guest House rules, children below the age of 10 years are not allowed to stay in the Centre's Guest House. Only one guest can stay in a single bedded room and a maximum of two guests can stay in a double bedded room. Guests' vehicles cannot be parked in the Centre's premises during the night. The guests would be required to submit photocopy of their Photo ID during check-in. Foreign guests will have to submit photocopy of their Passport and Indian Visa. 
The check-in time is 12.00 Noon and the check-out time is 10.00 AM beyond which another day's charge has to be paid.

2.  Calcutta Lodge  

   68B,  A.P.C. Roy Road, Kolkata-700009

   phone:033-2895-1021, 2067,   mob: 9830153298, 9830879298

   email: [email protected]

Beside Sealdah North Station, towards Raja Bazar Science College. The opposite of Taki Govt. School, it is 5 minutes walking distance from Sealdah Station

3. National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)

33, Block - GN, Sector - V, Bidhan Nagar Kolkata 700 091 West Bengal, India

Phone No:   (91) (033) 2357 9347(91) (033) 2357 0850(91) (033) 2357 6008

Email: [email protected]


Beside Nicco Park, towards SDF more Salt-Lake. Or beside CTS Salt Lake.

   Direction for  S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic          Sciences(SNB)

S N Bose, Kolkata, West Bengal

Direction for  National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)

National Council of Science Museums (NCSM),Kolkata,West Bengal

                           Direction for  Calcutta Lodge

Calcutta Lodge,Kolkata, West Bengal


Students accommodations will be provided by conference committee in share basis for maximum of two nights. This facility will be for 9th July 8.00AM to 11th July 8AM(it may change as hotel's rules and regulations). If accommodation is required before/after these two days, delegates have to bear those expenses. For international students (rather than SAARC countries) delegates three nights accommodations will be provided in hotel. If more nights stay is required, they have to bear expenses for extra days. Delegates have to bear Local to and from conveyance from/to Airport/Hotel/Venue of conference. But, our volunteers may help to arrange vehicle/car. For confirmation of hotel/Lodge rooms,  minimum one month before Journey plan , in and out date /time should be informed to us. Without in/out date/time confirmation, it is not possible to book rooms.   

 Other delegates as Professor/Faculty/Ph.D Scholar/JRF should pay hotel charge by themselves. You can request for general accommodation as paid basis, but your in/out date/time must be informed one month before. or , You can arrange better accommodation by ownselves.  All delegates should have photo Identity card as required for hotel room booking. Delegates should arrange ownselves to reach at Venues for both days. Kindly note that checkout  time is 9:00AM. Working time tiffin/snacks/Lunch will be provided by us but, dinner arrangement to be arranged by ownself.


N.B. for staying in Hotel/hostel delegates should have xerox copy of valid photo ID card with them . For any unavoidable circumstances, like weather calamity, disaster or for political reasons, if delegates need to stay more than two nights they have to bear extra charges. Conference authority will not be responsible for that. Lady delegates should stay with their own responsibilities and security, for that they may come with their group members/friends(if they think). If anyone wants to stay alone in a double/triple room, they have to bear extra charges.

Delegates have to arrange ownselves to attend Conference Venue from hotel/hostel/airport by their own arrangement.

Some Hotel/Lodges:

(these three hotels are in same foot of the road within 100 meters of distances)


    (beside Dental college/hospital, nearby Sealdah Station)

    113A, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata-700014

    phone : 033-22274230, 22274231,  mob: 7059870262

2.Hotel Sojourn    (  Rs.4000-5000) (location is opposite of Gate-4 of Saltlake Stadium)

KB-23, Sector-3, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700098

Phone: 033-23351462,  website: http://hotelthesojourn.com

3.IBIZA Guest House (Rs.1800-3000)

EN-15, Sector-5, Saltlake, Kolkata-700091

Phone: 8335042189,  website: www.resortibiza.com

 4.HOTEL SEFALI DELUX    ( opposite of Sealdah North Station)

    28, A.P.C. Roy Road, Kolkata-700009

phone:033-23525605, mob: 9831715470, 9830153298

email: [email protected]

( room rent: about Rs.1800-2500 ( 2BD, 3BD, 4BD ETC.)

Link of past conferences: 





CCSN2015:  Valedictory Session: Audiences at Science City Seminar Hall, Kolkata, India.
Micro22014: Delegates in opening Session at Hotel Hyatt , Saltlake, Kolkata.
CCSN2015: Dr. Susanta Pal (Scientific Officer , Grade H+) is delivering speech within Cruise Ship M V Paramhansa, in Kolkata , India.

Micro2014: Prof.Rajendra Prasad of IIT Roorkee is presenting a memento to Prof.Swapna Banerjee of IIT Kharagpur,