TEQIP-II Sponsored 3rd International Conference on
Microelectronics, Circuits and Systems, 9-10th July, 2016, Kolkata, India.



Last Date of Paper Submission:      07/04/ 2016       13/06/2016          (dd/mm/yyyy)

Acceptance Notification:                  08/03/2016 to 15/06/2016 (dd/mm/yyyy)

Camera Ready final submission:    15/06/2016

Registration Starts from:                 15/03/2016    

Registration Fee: (for India and SAARC courntries)

Faculty member/industry executive/Ph.D Scholar:   Rs.7500/=     

Student Registration Fee : Rs.6500/-   

Listener Registration Fee: Rs.5000/

(For Indian Student delegates(and delegates of SAARC) , share basis accommodation will be provided in Lodge/Hotels for maximum of two nights stay. If more nights stay is required, they have to bear expenses for that).

REGISTRATION FEE  For other countries :

Student = $150(USD) :     with accommodation in hotel for maximum of three nights.

Faculty/industry delegates: $200(USD) with accommodation of maximum of three nights.

Registration fee is for a single delegate. Accommodation is as shared basis.


For foreigners , they have to give request to us for sending invitation letter which may be required for making visa. They have to bear expenses for traveling Airport to Hotel/Venue of conference etc. Our volunteers may help them for this purpose.

Registration fee mentioned is for one delegate and registration by anyone's name is not transferable. Once registered by transferring money or by DD/Cheque or by cash it is not refundable. Registration fee will cover registration kits, Lunch/snacks in working time, participant certificate. 

N.B. if more days/nights are required to stay in hotels, delegates have to bear those expenses.


Account Number:  01440110012086
Account Name:  Computing Communication and Sensor Network
Bank Name: United Commercial Bank ( in short UCO Bank)
Bank  Address: Subhadra Market, 1st Floor, Rourkela-769001, Orissa, India.
Account Type: Savings.
IFS code:  UCBA 0000144

Contact for all major correspondence(including registration,remittance via DD/bank slip, Cheque/registration forms etc. :

1. Prof. Dulal Acharjee,

General Chair, Micro-2016,

90, Prabartak Palli(2), D.P.Nagar, Belghoria,

Kolkata-700056, India.

email: [email protected],    Mobile: 8420582707

CCSN2011: from left: Prof.S C Naik(rtd.Dean of NIT Rourkela), Prof.P M Kiler

CCSN2014: Inaugural Session of 3rd international conf. on 'Computing, Communication and Sensor Network',at Hotel Chanakya BNR, Puri , Odisha, India.

PUBLISHED PAPERS in Proceeding Book ( ISBN: 978-93-80813-45-5) Of Micro2016

Sl                              TITLE / AUTHORS                                                                                        PAGE NO             

1 Modeling of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for the Development of Glucose Biosensor

Chesham Nasir Khan, Romesh Laishram, Dhruba J. Sarma, Tapas Medhi, Biplob Mondal                         1

2 Defect Tolerant Approach For Function Mapping in Nano Crossbar Using Evolutionary Algorithms

Malay Kule and Habibur Rahaman                                                                                                             5

3 Two-dot One-electron QCA Design of Parity Generator and Checker

Kakali Datta, Debarka Mukhopadhyay, Paramartha Dutta                                                                        10

4 Improvement of Voltage profile with the help of Dynamic Voltage Restorer

Shuvadeep Saha                                                                                                                                     16

5 Order Reduction of LTI Systems and Their Qualitative Comparison

Amit Narwal , Rajendra Prasad                                                                                                                 20

6 mGDI Based Parallel Adder For Low Power Applications

Smitha G S, Dr. H.V. Ravish Aradhya                                                                                                        26

7 An in-depth Study of Implementation Issues of 3D Printer

Debasish Das, Indrajit Pandey, and Jyoti Sekhar Banerjee                                                                       32

8 Analysis of the Effect of Dual-k Spacer in the Underlap Region in Gate Stack DG-MOSFETs

Shramana Chakraborty, Arpan Dasgupta, Rahul Das, Arka Dutta, Atanu Kundu, Chandan K. Sarkar       37

9 DYNOC: An Energy Efficient Novel Approach for Nanoscale Domino Logic Circuits

Ambika Prasad Shah, Vaibhav Neema, Shreeniwas Daulatabad, Praveen Singh                                     42

10 Reconfigurable Pipelined Floating Point Multiplier using Karastuba Algorithm,

Shabarish, Dr. Deepali Koppad,                                                                                                               48

11 Design and Analysis of Low Leakage High Speed Asymmetrically Ground-gated 9T SRAM cell

Nidhi Tiwari, Priyanka Atre, Vaibhav Neema                                                                                             53

12 Performance Analysis of SiC S/D with Symmetric Dual-k Spacer n-FinFET

Atul Awadhiya, Maisagalla Gopal, Tuhina Bhalla, S. K. Vishvakarma, Vaibhav Neema.                           57

13 Electronic Conduction in Quantum Wires of Circular Cross-section

Pranati Purohit, Dilip Kumar Roy, Shankar Prasad Pati                                                                            60

14 Circuit Modeling and Simulation of Bimetallic Cantilever for MEMS Applications

Kavitha. C, Ganesh Madhan.                                                                                                                  64

15 Wideband Low Noise Amplifier Design and Optimization for Next Generation RF Receiver Frontend using 0.18μm CMOS

Hasmukh P Koringa, Dr.Vipul A Shah.                                                                                                     70

16 An Novel Design to Improve Band to Band Tunneling and to reduce Gate Induced Drain Leakages (GIDL) in Cylindrical Gate All Around (GAA) MOSFET

Sonam Rewaria, Vandana Nath, Subhasis Haldar, S.S.Deswald, R.S.Gupta.                                         77

17 Speckle Noise Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images using Fuzzy Logic.

KhwairakpamAmitab, Debdatta Kandar.                                                                                                  82

18 MAQ Platform Design using Java Aglets in Mobile Adhoc Network

Mamata Rath, Binod Kumar Pattanayak, Bibudhendu Pati.                                                                    88

19 An FPGA Based Block Cipher through Recursive Positional Substitution on Prime-Nonprime of Cluster (RPSPNC)

Rajdeep Chakraborty, Runa Seth and J.K. Mandal .                                                                              96

20 Real Time Implementation of Hand held Self Stabilizing Spoon for Parkinson’s disease patients

Debjyoti Chowdhury, Sriparna Sahu, Madhurima Chattopadhyay                                                         102

21 Design of an Efficient 2-Dot 1 Electron QCA based Non-reversible Adder

Mili Ghosh, Debarka Mukhopadhyay, Paramartha Dutta                                                                       106

22 Bio-metric Identification using Automated Iris Detection Technique

Chinmay Chakraborty,                                                                                                                          113

23 Fabrication of n-ZnO/p- Si heterojunction by Chemically Wet and Dry (CWD) method

Sangri Jeemut Bahan, Dasgupta Sristi, Pattnaik Priyabrata, Kamilla, Sushanta K.                               118

24 Research Paper Similarity By Using Locality Sensitive Hashing

Gupta Divya, Batra Shalini.                                                                                                                  122

25 Energy Efficient Low Power DC Balanced Full Custom Circuit Design of 8b/10b Encoder and Decoder

Tuhina Bhalla, Mahesh Kumawat, Atul Awadhiya, S.K. Vishvakarma.                                                  127

26 Analysis of PPV-Based Organic FET having Au Source-Drain Contacts for Obtaining Output and Transconductance Characteristics.

Indranil Chatterjee, Lakshya Jain, Aminul Islam.                                                                                   135

27 Optical Mode Converter using Rib Waveguides for Integrated Circuits

Krittish Ray Chaudhuri, Amit Pisal, Ankush Shingade.                                                                          139

28 Comparative Analysis of Delay and Variability of D Flip-Flops

Ankan Dutta, Yashdeep Singh, Vikash Kumar and Aminul Islam.                                                          144

29 Hafnium Oxide Based Cylindrical Junctionless Double Surrounding Gate (CJLDSG) MOSFET for High Speed, High Frequency Digital and Analog Applications.

Sonam Rewaria, Vandana Nathb, Subhasis Haldarc, S.S.Deswald, R.S.Gupta.                                    148

30 A Slotted Code Assignment based Cross Layer Routing using Link Prediction in Ad hoc Networks

Julie Kumari and Shweta R. Malwe,                                                                                                       153

31 Noise Analysis of III-V Anion Based MOSFETs

Swagata Bhattacherjee and Abhijit Biswas.                                                                                            159

32 A Scheme for Non Clinical Malignancy Detection in WBC using MEMS Capacitive Sensor

Sriparna Sahu, Madhurima Chattopadhyay, Debjyoti Chowdhury.                                                          164

33 Performance Evaluation of D Flip-Flop Across 3 Different Technologies MOSFET, CNFET and FinFET

Amresh Kumar, and Aminul Islam.                                                                                                           168

34 Steep Switching Slope of Negative Capacitance Nanoelectronic CMOS Circuits

Ahmed Yahya.                                                                                                                                         173

35 Design of Autonomous Robotic vehicle integrated with wireless control and connectivity

Varsha Seth, Supantha Mandal, Arunava Kabiraj Thakur, Nabaruna Dey, Tarakeswar Dutta, Gopal Das. 179

36 Inferring diseases from Medical related questions by using deep learning

Jayashree Agarkhed.                                                                                                                               184

37 Analysis of Low Leakage and High Performance 4 bit CLA Full Adder

Iti Sharma.                                                                                                                                               190

38 Study on DNA as sensitize scaffolds in Organic Dye Sensitized Solar cell

Partha Sarkar, Dr. Saradindu Panda, Dr. (Prof.) B. Maji, Dr. A. K. Mukhopadhyay.                                    195

39 Comparison of Crack Filling Filters for Old Digital Paintings

Dr Shruti Garg,                                                                                                                                          199

40 Rapid detection of hazardous H2O2 by biogenic copper nanoparticles synthesized using

Eichhornia crassipes extract

Kaushik Roy , C.K. Ghosh, C.K. Sarkar.                                                                                                    203

41 Average Power Consumption and Delay Analysis of 4 Bit Binary to Gray Code Converter Circuit using nano Dimensional MOS Transistor

Bari.S, Dr. Debashis De, Dr. A. Sarkar,                                                                                                       208

42 An EMG Based Intelligent Electric Wheelchair Control using Fuzzy Logic for Partially Disabled Persons

Priyanka Nath, Jamini Das, Abdur Rohman, Tapan Das.                                                                            212

43 Testing of GALS Components

Snigdha Prasad B, Varsha S Betageri, Ranjitha G, Dr. Deepali Koppad                                                     218

44 Fault Analysis and Testing of 4T SRAM cell

Madhurachaitra, Sumukh Desu, Namitha Nambiar, Deepali Koppad.                                                        223

45 Design Aspects of Braille Display Board for Visually Disabled

Moumita Ghosh, Anirudha Ray , Swati Ghosh, Moupali Roy, Aniruddha Ghosh, Mainuck Das & Biswarup Neogi 229

46 A Novel Technique of Detecting Sentiments for Micro-blogging sites

Bansal Neetika, Singh Ashima                                                                                                                     235

47 TCAD Assessment Of Oxide Impact on Linearity and Harmonic Distortions In Gate All Around (GAA) MOSFET

Akansha Goyal, Sonam Rewari, Satvir Deswal, R.S. Gupta.                                                                        241

48 Collision Based XOR Transform on Actin Quantum Automata

Tapatosh Sadhu, Timam Ghosh, Debashis De,                                                                                            246

49 Optimization of Load Balancing in Parallel Machines using Ant Colony Approach

Balram kishan , Ashima Singh                                                                                                                      252

50 Implementation of High Speed Convolution algorithm on CUDA based Graphics Processing Unit

G. Prasad Acharya, N. Srinivasa Reddy, S.P.V., Subba Rao.                                                                       260

51 Green Smart City Design using WLAN Controller

Sourav Hati, Prasanjit Dey, Debashis De.                                                                                                     266

52 iFriendly: A WSN Based System Technique for Precision Agriculture

Jayashree Agarkhed.                                                                                                                                    272

53 Pre-key distribution technique to avoid collusion attacks during aggregation of data in wireless sensor network

Jayashree Agarkhed Rahul.                                                                                                                         278

54 Nano-Router: A novel approach in single layer Quantum Dot Celluler Automata

Biplab Das, Deepsubhra Guha Roy, Debashis De.                                                                                       283

55 Power-Efficient Modelling of Nanosensor Based Mobile Cloud Computing

Anwesha Mukherjee, Priti Deb, Debashis De.                                                                                                288

56 IoT-MQTT based Energy Efficient Economic Home Automation System

Shrobon Biswas, Deepsubhra Guha Roy, Debashis De.                                                                               294

57 Central Dogma based Symmetric Key Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum for 5G telecommunication

Timam Ghosh, Debashis De, Anudipa Mondal, Chandrama Dey.                                                                  299

58 Quantum Cryptography: An Overview

Sagnik Chatterjee                                                                                                                                         305

59 Metal to semiconductor conversion by bandgap engineering of SWCNT by single strand DNA functionalization.

Swati Sinha, Kunal Biswas, Debashis De, Jaya Bandyopadhyay, Angsuman Sarkar.                                    311

60 A Novel Transcoded resistant Audio Watermark Technique

Suvra Sankar Bandyopadhyay, Prof. Mihir Sing.                                                                                            317

61 Additive and Nonadditive Entropy Evaluation for Skin Lesion Segmentation

Ishita Bhakta, Santanu Phadikar, Koushik Majumder.                                                                                    323

62 B-cell and T-cell Leukemia Classification using PCA Genetic Algorithm, ANN and SVM

Sakshi Sharma, Ajay Kumar Laura.                                                                                                                330

63 Firefly Algorithm for Location Optimization of WLAN Access Points

Biswadip Das, Anuj Ladia, Deepsubhra Guha Roy,Debashis De.                                                                 336

64 On High Rate Non- Binary Low Density Parity Check Code over GF(q)

Ankita Pramanik, Arihant Kumar Sethia, Santi P. Maity.                                                                                 342

65 Constant Envelope OFDM Receiver Based on Taylor Series Expansion for 5G Mobile Networks

Saurav Ghosh, Kaustav Das, Priti Deb, Debashis De.                                                                                   348

66 Energy Efficient Topological Model for Smart Home Sensing using Wireless Sensor Network

Rabin Kumar Mullick , Sahabul Alam , Debashis De.                                                                                    354

67 Design of Active Grounded Inductor Based Bandpass Filter for Analog Signal Processing Applications

Vikash Kumar and Aminul Islam.                                                                                                                   360

68 QoS Aware Sensor Mobile Cloud Computing

Deepsubhra Guha Roy, Arka Bhowmik, Debashis De.                                                                                  363

69 Data Filtering Algorithm at MQTT-SN Gateway for Wireless Sensor Network

Deepsubhra Guha Roy, Sugato Chakraborty, Deepak Singh.                                                                        369

70 GPS/GSM Based Vehicle Tracking System

Abhinav Bhargav, Parteek Bhatia.                                                                                                                  374

71 A New Algorithm for Hand Gesture Recognition in Color Videos for Operating System Commands

Naghmeh Gordini, and Hadi Seyedarabi,                                                                                                       380

72 Junctionless transistor using strained silicon technology

Aswartha Narayana.R, Gaurav saini.M                                                                                                           386

73 Assessment of Analog RF performance for Insulated Shallow Extension (ISE) Cylindrical Surrounding Gate (CSG) MOSFET Incorporating Gate Stack

Nitin Trivedi, Manoj Kumar, Subhasis Haldar,                                                                                                  391

74 Accurate Analytic Current Model for Fully Depleted SOI MOSFET’s

Shalem Raju D., Ashutosh Nandi                                                                                                                   395

75 Direction of Arrival Estimation using Multiresolution Transforms based Denoising

K Gowri, P Palanisamyy                                                                                                                                 398

76 Arithmetic Overflows Detection Using Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata

Jadav Chandra Das, Bikash Debnath, Debashis De                                                                                      404

77 Circuit level power reduction techniques for robust Carry Skip Adder circuit

Manisha Guduri, Sananya Majumder, Riya and Aminul Islam                                                                         410

78 Eddy current testing system for the detection of impact defect in carbon fiber reinforced plastic

C. S. Angani, H.G. Ramos, D. J. Pasadas and A. L. Ribeiro                                                                          416